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JJ Kim is a Registered Acupuncturist in BC.

She has a western medicine background as a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience practicing nursing in South Korea, Libya and as a licensed practical nurse in Canada.

JJ specializes in kinds of body pain  such as a whiplashes , neck, shoulder, lower back and sciatica, Knee pain etc.   Stress, Headache, Insomnia,   Utilizing acupuncture, deep tissue massage and cupping Combo therapy. 

JJ is trained to treat a variety of substance abuse addictions including cigarettes and emotional trauma (PTSD),

She is a member of NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) and SAIT (Society of Acupoint Injection Therapy). she trained also for Dr. Tans Balance Method in Acupuncture.



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consent form

Consent Form

Please read the following Information carefully

Acupuncture is a technique utilizing fine sterile disposable stainless-steel needles inserted at specific points in the body to cause positive response in order to correct various ailments.

I understand that the application of these needles may be accompanied by some painful sensations and that there is a slight possibility that minor sweling, bleeding, discoloration or bruising may occur at the site of insertion.

A sensation of fainting.

I will immediately notify the acupuncturist if I experience any symtoms or problems.

ELECTRICAL STIMLATION of the acupuncture needles involves using a small battery-powerd stimulator attached by electrodes to the shaft of the needles.

A slight throbbing or tingling sensation may be felt during the use of this stimulator.

Micrcurrent or needles acupuncture, laser or other devices may also be used.

I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the treating practitioner of any dicomfort.

CUPPING THERAPY works by creating suction and negative pressure.

Cupping therapy lift connective tissue, release rrigid tissue and loosens adhesions.

Cupping pulls stagnant waste and toxins to the skin level where it can be easily flushed out by the lymphatic and circulatory system.

Cupping techniques bring blood flow and nutrition to stagnant areas.

The pulling action engages the parasympathetic nervous system, thus allowing deep relaxation throughout the entire body.

I understand the marks are not bruises.

They are metabolic waste, toxins, and other stagnant material that have been freed from the underlying tissue and brought to the surface where they can more easily be flushed away.

These marks can last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks and are not tender to the touch.

I understand that these therapies may be used, upon my consent, to treat my condition.

Side effects are rare but may include allergic reactions to the medicinal or other substances contained in the compounds, slight pain or stinging sensation at the site of the needle insertion, and bruising .

Other rare risk include wheezing, irregular heartbeats, rapid heart rhythms and elevated blood pressure.

I understand that I may terminate the treatment at any time.

And I agree depends on my condition practitioner can use Guasha / Tuina massage / Acupoint massage on my body may cause temporary mild bruising and some times tenderness to touch for 24hr~48hrs after treatment.

I understand that my signature on this agreement will constitute a full and final release of any legal responsibility resulting from the administration of any and all therapies described above in my case, and/or any other medical treatment that may b e necessary as a result thereof.

To my knowledge, information to do with yourself or your case file is held in strict confidence between yourself and your acupunctuurist, practitioner or doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine as you right.

I understand and acknowledge that I have read and agree to above before making a booking

* If you are a new patient, please send me a message by Text ,

will call you back ASAP.

(Full name, Phone number, E-mail address  at 250 884 8182)

Please visit here to REBOOK your appointment :

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